“People say it is impossible to do nothing. But, I do the impossible every day!” - Pooh

Stay where comfort, peacefulness, community, nature and the relaxing sense of nothingness all come together.

Open from June 18 to September 31, 2019

As manificent as she already is, Wedgwood Manor is introducing a new look, a whole lot new amenities and for the end of season 2019 or early season 2020 a whole new type of accommodation that will make your experience event more exciting at Crawford Bay!



The Manor

One hundred and seven years standing grand, Wedgwood Manor has all the rich history you are looking for in a heritage building while ensuring the comforts of modern relaxation.

The Cabin

A fully equipped 1 bedroom, 1 bath hideaway overlooking a stone patio and pond. All the privacy you'd want, in a beautiful, comfortable location. 

The Grounds

Relax on the veranda, discover the smells, the birds, the bees. Stroll around the gardens or find a hidden sitting spot.